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'Duo Arparimba': Music for Harp and Marimba

Harp and Marimba: sparkling strings, brilliant and dancing,
melting with the rich and full timbre of the marimba

Gudrun and Babette Haag inspire their audience with their
combined skills.

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Othmar Schoeck: Lieder, Complete Edition Vol.9
Kurt Streit, Tenor; Gudrun Haag, Harfe; W.Rieger, Klavier

Minstrel Songs op. 56 (poems by H.Leuthold)
for Tenor and Harp

Schoeck seldom wrote music of such simplicity and cheerfulness; it was also the little epiphany that showed him the way out of the dead-end of depression and resignation.
Premiere in Gstaad on August 6th, 1944.

(also on this CD: 'The Singer' (K.Streit, W.Rieger)

Production: Jecklin Musikhaus
CH-8024 Zurich, Switzerland
Jecklin Edition JD 679-2

Schlaeft ein Lied in allen Dingen
poems and music

poems by:
J.von Eichendorff, H.Heine, Th.Storm, R.M.Rilke et al.

music by:
J.A. Donostia, Cl.Debussy, A.Hasselmans, M.Tournier et al.